An analysis of commercial fish stock basesd in british columbia

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Especially in the winter period catches were high; for boat fishermen averages of 80 flatfish per day were normal in Landed value increased during the late s, as did fleet capitalization.

The questionnaire is handed over to the visiting sport fishermen sometimes with an addressed stamped return envelope or the possibility for returning the inquiry directly at the end of the day is also provided. Results of these and some other studies are given in the next paragraphs.

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Between andthe number of vessels in the fleet declined further from 4, to 3, DFO, Muyres, W. Kerstens, A. Carp and Roach In Fig. Visserij, 31 5 — In general the catches decline after the beginning of the new season, even in in spite of the supplemental stocking that spring.

Results from the sampling of the fish stock over the years indicate a decreasing stock of the main species of plaice, flounder and whiting.

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It concerns the data with regard to the dwelling places of visitors. The notion that licences should mimic private property, which had been circulating for several decades, gained considerable traction in the late s and early s Mansfield, Due to this fact large quantities of flatfish of the year class as well as smaller numbers of the year classes andand other species like whiting, grew up in this salt lake.

We then calculated summary statistics and built a network of licence holdings.

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