Analyse the presentation of jane in brontes jane eyre essay

Reed was on her deathbed.

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Jane is unable to comprehend Helen's example of "martyrdom. This world is pleasant, it would be dreary to be called from it, and have to go who knows where? Essentially Jane has sacrificed nothing, rather gaining a loving marriage in which they are equals; equality resulting from the disfigurement that has left Rochester in equal stature with Jane.

The female character of Jane Eyre forms into a furiously, passionate, independent young woman. She does not want to be like his mistresses, with their fancy gowns and jewels, but even after she and Rochester are married, she wants to remain as Adele's governess.

When she sees Rochester the spell is broken, as she knows that nothing ever rides the Gytrash.

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Bronte makes Jane Eyre reject the ideas imposed by male characters, emphasising her controversialist personality. Soon after Jane is settled at Lowood Institution she finds the enjoyment of expanding her own mind and talents.

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Jane Eyre: An Unconventional Heroine Essay Example