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When Agrippa died in 12 bce, Augustus wanted her suitably married at once and chose Tiberius as her third husband.

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Despite his keen intelligence, he allowed himself to come under the influence of unscrupulous men who, as much as any actions of his own, ensured that Tiberius's posthumous reputation would be unfavorable; despite his vast military experience, he oversaw the conquest of no new region for the empire; and despite his administrative abilities he showed such reluctance in running the state as to retire entirely from Rome and live out his last years in isolation on the island of Capri.

In the following year, after preliminary successes against the Chatti, Germanicus aimed to avenge the disaster suffered by Varus six years before.

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Sejanus, therefore, commanded some 9, troops within the city limits. There is the Tiberius of history. Downfall of Nero Caesar and Agrippina in A. Note also, Shotter, Tiberius Caesar, The Roman Empire: Augustus to Hadrian. Augustus , resistant to the idea of allowing Tiberius to return, finally yielded to the requests of Livia and Gaius Caesar on his behalf. Oxford, He called Tiberius back to Rome. Tiberius and the Roman Empire. Durry, M. See Levick, Tib. Tacitus's methods, especially his use of innuendo and inference to convey notions that are essentially editorial glosses, makes taking his portrayal of Tiberius at face value inadvisable.

Through a combination of energetic efficiency, fawning sycophancy, and outward displays of loyalty, he gained the position of Tiberius's closest friend and advisor.

Tiberius Claudius Nero was born on 16 November 42 B.

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The statement is ambiguous, however, and can be read either as a clear statement of Tiberius's qualities and suitability for the Principate or as an indication of Augustus's lack of affection for him Suet. Munich, Death of Germanicus and aftermath: Tac.

Only at the end of the period did Rome take the succession into its own hands and select somebody who was reasonably sane, smart and honest.

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C, as civil war loomed between Antony and Octavian, Tiberius made his first public appearance at the age of nine and delivered the eulogy at his natural father's funeral. When a rockfall buried the imperial party as it dined in a natural cave, Sejanus covered Tiberius's body with his own and remained in that position until the rescuers reached them, see Tac. Matters escalated into an all-out mutiny that was only repressed by the direct intervention of Tiberius's sons, Germanicus and Drusus. As a result, although he was not a tyrant himself, Tiberius's reign sporadically descended into tyranny of the worst sort. London, The battle which resulted was indecisive, Arminius and his Germans were far from subdued and Germanicus had made only temporary gains. The wayward prince was summoned from private life and adopted as Augustus's son.
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Tiberius Emperor of Rome