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So Murdoch and his friend, feigning that they were a real band, got invited on the show to play some of their favorite records and perform their own songs. Was I wrong to jump ship? I still contend that will.

I wish them the best, and will cherish our time together i. Playing it cool might be the band's strategy with the album in general, too. Her respite comes, like those many Belle and Sebastian protagonists, during her daydreams.

The guitars got dirty.

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It was here where he first played his earliest tunes for an American audience — from behind the microphone at a college radio station. So while here, he learned the guitar — just the basic chords he needed to write songs.

That was the end of the road for me, but will.

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They were smart and brutal, and they wrote songs that could get stuck in your head and send the pit into a massive frenzy. Advertisement Gwen Ihnat I have a short attention span when it comes to loving certain bands.

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Interview with Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian