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Want to allow people to contact support quickly? After Xerox Star, however, the icon disappeared for quite some time. So for almost half of that population, those 3 little lines carry absolutely no meaning. Or do you vehemently disagree?

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Which is so widely known that it holds its own standard. See the above homepage for The Deep End Design. But hear me out. However, if the same link is located in a hidden drawer menu, it may never be found. Mozilla did this method when they were redesigning their system preferences. You want the user to be able to go through your apps without having too much trouble, so you reserved that part for the hamburger menu. My poor eyes. Countless studies have shown that when given too many options, most people are likely to choose nothing at all. The hamburger menu, or the hamburger icon, is the button in websites and apps that typically opens up into a side menu or navigation drawer. The hamburger menu kept popping up again and again, in social media apps, organisational apps, fitness apps — it was everywhere.

Hiding those features in a navigation drawer such as the hamburger makes them difficult to discover and forces users to go searching for them. Below are the questions you should ask yourself when considering an alternative to the hamburger menu.

So the main screen is singularly focused on booking you a vehicle. First, it clashes with the platform navigation pattern Imagine this, you created a mobile app where you want the user to explore your apps, and you created the hamburger menu to put all the navigation inside.

Start using tab bars So far, the best solution for mobile apps seems to be a tab bar. If you choose to use it, just make sure it is for the right reason, and done using best practices.

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For some apps they might mean bookmarking a page or post for later reference, while in others they may just signify a like, which users may be hard pressed to find later on. One study conducted by decision making expert Sheena Iyengar found that people are 10x more likely to make purchases when presented with fewer purchasing options.

This is the approach that Facebook has settled for their mobile apps and their apps navigation structure.

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The hamburger menu animations tend to become fluid and elastic in order to create intricate but seamless transitions.

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