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Basically, the credit bureaus put a person's credit use and information all in one place. Your credit score determines whether others decide to do business with you or to extend you credit, especially for large projects. Simply put, if the bank representative thought you were a decent person with a good reputation, they would probably agree to loan you money. Registering with Equifax Small Business Similar to Experian, getting registered with Equifax requires establishing an account with a company that reports transactions to the bureau. When your obtain your credit report from one or more of the three credit bureaus, the score you see might be a little higher or lower than your FICO score—this is because each bureau has its own proprietary scoring system. With so many companies in the business of collecting commercial information it can be quite a challenge deciding which ones are most important for your company to get listed with. Expedited and File Creator services will get you a number in 24 hours or five days, respectively.

This would allow the majority of lenders, creditors, banks, leasing companies, and suppliers to properly assess the creditworthiness of your business instead of having to rely on you and your personal credit. To ensure that the business knows how to report information accurately, the various credit bureaus conduct inspections before signing a reporting contract with the business.

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Pull regular reports and review them for errors. Your right to dispute inaccurate information According to the Federal Trade Commission FTC1 in 5 consumers has an error on their credit report.

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The lower the numbers, the higher the risk. And if you don't understand the rules of the game, you'll never win. Getting Started Consumer activity is not automatically sent to a credit bureau.

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Note that each agency has multitudes of different reports with different names and scales.

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Business Credit Bureaus: Top 3