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There are a number of big buying groups in Europe.

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Morocco Carrefour has 10 hypermarkets in Morocco, with the most being located in and around the Casablanca metropolitan area. That is the attitude we need to return to if we want to satisfy our customers in all our countries, on quality, traceability, tradition, as well as consumption habits.

First and foremost, refocusing our business allowed us to solidify our financial structure and be confident about the future.

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The store is part of a brand new shopping mall City Mall that opened the same day in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, and by the end of summer there were plans to open the second store in Tetovo, a city located not too far from Skopje.

This shift to target organics is being driven by increased consumer interest in health, particularly in France. The Home Depot operates about 1, stores across North America.

The only regions that resulted in positive growth were Asia, with sales growth by 5.

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Understanding the new strategy of Carrefour in 4 key points