Celebrate the family essay

As the plane taxied in, we wondered how he would look after his long absence, for he had returned only once for a holiday and that was four years back.

describe a celebration essay

This climate is warm at this time and the flowers are still in bloom which makes for a colorful season. Before Christmas by about a week. You may have attended a Halloween party, where you dress up in costume or have gone trick or treating.

This was when there were lots of farmers that grew crops. Body Paragraph B: This money could certainly be better used as it is not necessary to spend so much money to enjoy festivals and respect traditions.

importance of family celebration

As I came to a decision I decided to compare my family with that of my boyfriends. Most Halloween traditions include decorating a home with skeletons, witches, bats and pumpkins. If we would resist or make a scene our punishment would be no video games, nor television.

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In her tiny, pudgy right hand she held the shammus, the host candle, and burned the wick until the flame was glowing brightly.

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A Memorable Family Occasion Essay Example