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Role culture advantages and disadvantages

Such an organisation will be found where economies of scale are more important than flexibility or where technical expertise and depth of specialisation are more important than product innovation or service cost — for example, in many public service organisations. Every individual is accountable for something or the other and has to take ownership of the work assigned to him. This type of culture is illustrated by a loose cluster or a constellation of stars. He spent 10 years with Shell as a marketing director, economist, and management educator, in London and Southeast Asia. And there was so little to do in the village that everyone did go to church. Challenges: Size is a problem for power cultures. Bell was an executive at Dun and Bradstreet.

Handy is not above a bit of drama himself. They are highly controlled, with everyone in the organisation knowing what their roles and responsibilities are. This culture works best in stable, predictable markets and industries. Handy says he felt stung and misunderstood.

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Professor of occupational psychology Roger Harrison and philosopher and expert on organisational behaviour Charles Handy designed a model which sets out four basic organisational types.

You are a member and you have rights. The organisation can respond rapidly since each group ideally contains all the decision-making powers required.

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Handy Model of Organisational Culture, a management model