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Child Labor is when young kids and young adults work under poor work conditions.

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More industry means more workers, including children. In some countries, however, child labor is considered a cultural norm. Poverty prevalent in our country and in most Filipino families is another cause of the ineffectiveness of the law. There are many things being done about sweatshops in foreign countries. Solving Child Labor will need the resolution of the country's socio economic problem, to reduce and solve child labor. They will help educate their workers. Threatening the lives of children A. Broderick S. Child labor usually took place in a factory working on a manufacturer line or doing as much physical labor as they could possibly do, being as young as they are. No Fear Shakespeare. A sweatshop is a manufacturing facility where workers endure poor working conditions, long hours, low wages and other violations of labor rights. A or an act providing for the elimination of the worst forms of child labor and affording stronger protection for the working child was enacted. Therefore, a demand for child prostitutes increases so as a fall in tourism would not be experienced. Many children work today, but most are teenagers in the USA, Canada, Britain, and hold part-time jobs.

In some countries, however, child labor is considered a cultural norm. Unfortunately, similar productive actions have not yet been adapted by our government so as to lead to evidences of efficacy.

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Of course, this is just a rough estimate of figures, but a close correlation could already be seen between the two data. In some places in the world, families are so poor that children must work to put food on the table.

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Uneducated, the only work they were capable of doing was unskilled labor in sweatshops.

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