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Instead, as Kane's life comes to an end, he grasps at a memory from his childhood. This sparse movement of roaming vagabonds, their experience both captured and defined by such immortal writers as Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, utterly rejected the values and ideals of middle class America.

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In this way, Kane pays for his arrogance - for once, he is held accountable for his corrupt practices, and it costs him the gubernatorial race. Private Citizen Kane depicts the tension between the public actions and the private life of a major figure like Charles Foster Kane.

Kane takes advantage of the media by using his paper to portray fictional atrocities in Cuba, which leads to America intervening and fighting against Spain. The film introduced a variety of radical techniques and cinematography way ahead of its time.

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The film paints a stingingly clear picture of the malleability of the public opinion, and the power that the media possesses over it. Kane stands somewhat in the background. Buy Study Guide Power When year-old Charles Foster Kane first receives the list of holdings that comprise his fortune, the 6th-largest in the world, all he cares about is the New York Inquirer, an ailing newspaper that he wants to take over. As her business started to make more and more money, Mildred began to spoil Veda more and more, hoping to gain her approval at any cost. Although Thompson never discovers the meaning of the word, Welles reveals the secret to the audience when, at the end of the film, there is a shot of Kane's old childhood sled being thrown away -- and the inscription at the top of the sled is "Rosebud". When he loses the race for Governor due to the exposure of his and Susan's alleged affair, Charles Foster Kane is determined to save face. In other words, Americans always strive to achieve the ever so revered American Dream. She soon realized how much she had to support Monte along with Veda and eventually ended her relationship with Monte.

They each come from similar backgrounds. A life of personal happiness and material comfort as The American Dream words - 4 pages dreams many people in this tim era would consider this to be their dream because they got the leisure to do as they please. For example, it becomes clear in the breakfast table montage that Kane's marriage to Emily has fallen apart before he runs for Governor, but they put on a brave and united front for the cameras.

Citizen Kane is a fictionalized documentary about the life of wealthy newspaperman Charles Kane. Monte and Veda then had a small affair which led to Veda killing him when he refused to marry her.

Citizen kane american dream essay

Charles Foster Kane never let anyone truly in, not his wives, close friends, if you can…. He viewed Kane through a distant, mature lens of acquisition and conservatism.

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Charles Foster Kane never let anyone truly in, not his wives, close friends, if you can…. Monte and Veda then had a small affair which led to Veda killing him when he refused to marry her. The audience's attention transfers back and forth between Kane's mother signing the papers and the outside window, where Kane is running around and throwing snowballs. The main characters in both stories are Mr. People come to America because this is the land where you have equal opportunity, and the ability to become very successful. One thing people do not realize, however, is that the journey requires hard work and honesty. Bernstein's memories of Kane are colored by his unwavering admiration for him, which endured even as Kane became increasingly corrupt and withdrawn.

The American Dream consists of the achievement of wealth, status, success, and love, which both Plainview and Kane struggle to achieve throughout the two films Welles pushed the boundaries of film making and made new guidelines of what was possible.

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Citizen Kane: Redefining The American Dream