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Thus, ahead of the interview, review your resume and prepare a list of examples that can be used to demonstrate your skills against the competencies Clearwater Paper is looking for. Of the three similar products manufactured in a full variety of sizes in the United States, it is the only one that has on-label FSC certification.

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The company's fifteenth facility is located at Shelby, North Carolina. The situations described may vary according to the role one is applying for.

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The pulp and paperboard division operates one facility in Idaho and one in Arkansas. You are encouraged to choose your responses spontaneously, based on intuition; however, analyzing the scenarios and choosing responses that highlight your skills will allow you to better present yourself on the test.

Solid bleached sulfate board is a type of paperboard that is used in the production of folding cartonsliquid packagingplates, cups and some commercial printing applications.

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Our Websites. Clearwater Paper aptitude tests are usually comprised of multiple-choice questions. Clearwater Paper primarily produces ultra and premium qualities of the tissue it produces, though it does manufacture lower grades as well. Start preparing today for your job assessment with JobTestPrep. Then, your correct answers are counted, and the rate of correct answers is calculated. The scenarios presented on SJTs always ask for a resolution of a given conflict which, although being hypothetical, might very much rely on, or represent, realistic situations that occur in a workplace. JobTestPrep's generic packs of tests also include detailed study guides and answer keys to allow you to locate your weak points and redouble your efforts to eliminate them. You will then be asked to choose a preferred method of action out of a number of possible options. The pulp and paperboard division operates one facility in Idaho and one in Arkansas.

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