Constellation assignment

The frame number on the negative that corresponds to the print must be identified. Fair Some effort has been made to made the project look good.

On most cameras this can be done using the B shutter setting and employing a cable release. When Earth is at position C, it is Summer. In what constellation would you see the sun if it were in Position C?

constellations handout

From the following list of 10 constellations, select the one that corresponds to the last digit of your student number. Remember, your myth has to apply to today.

Constellation worksheet answers

As a consequence, any photograph of them will not need the use of telephoto lenses. In what constellation would you see the sun if it were in Position D? Look carefully at the picture. Connect-the-dots and draw a picture of your constellation. Myth about the Constellation There is no myth or story about the constellation. List four constellations that can be seen during that season. Your assignment is to design your own constellation. The number of clear nights in the term is relatively few.

Skipping a space between each letter of the name will spread the picture out better. The store clerk may well try to tell you that the photographs you are about to take will not come out for a variety of reasons.

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