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The creator of a legitimate website will take the time to keep links up to date so visitors can learn more. Corporations can make websites to promote their products, and political activists can publish websites to promote their cause. Someone who creates a legitimate website designed to provide people with factual information takes care with both spelling and grammar in order to appear more professional.

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Hence, you are expected to use materials published not later than 10 years ago. Last updated: August 30, Practically anyone can create a website. The authors are anonymous, so there's no way to determine their expertise, or the expertise of the Wikipedia editor who oversees the entry.

Check the links on the page - Broken or incorrect links can mean that no one is taking care of the site and that other information on it may be out-of-date or unreliable. Researchers and other experts often use blogs as a way to share their knowledge with the general public, but anyone with computer access can do so too, to further any agenda they want.

Tips for Checking the Source How did you find your source? Websites and blogs - can be reliable or unreliable, hoaxes or sincere misinformation.

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These databases allow you to search for articles in print and online journals and books. Another great way to access academic papers is Google Scholar.

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Some universities, for instance, have specialist librarians for topics like music, art, and humanities. This guide will help you whether you are a hobbyist web surfer or a professional or academic researcher. Want become a freelance writer? Has the information been peer-reviewed? These are usually sponsored by educational institutions or governmental agencies. What is the purpose of a source? Read other articles on the site, particularly ones written by the same author. Always take into account what type of sources your audience will value. Anyone with an idea and internet access can create a website and fill it with just about any content they want. If your paper is on a topic like cancer research, you would want the most recent information, but a topic such as World War II could use information written in a broader time range. Most libraries now allow patrons to utilize their research tools online, so you can still do your research from the comfort of your computer chair.

These are usually sponsored by educational institutions or governmental agencies. This is especially true if there are more recent studies available on the subject. Check Your Local Library The internet is a great source of information, but when accuracy counts, the library is still one of the best places to do research.

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