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A fuller analysis might expand on why I chose them and why they are so important].

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Accordingly, the external debt as per cent of GDP which was 5. Political leaders in democracy must be of the people and not of any class, peasantry or industrial, rural or urban. Though they are not official organisations created by the state, they are nevertheless, quasi-official in the sense that states sanction, regulate and permit them to offer candidates for public office. Voting behaviour is affected by the following factors: i Religion: India since ancient days has been predominantly a country inhabited by different religions. During election campaign the religious sentiments are exploited to the maximum. When requesting a correction, please mention this item's handle: RePEc:tiu:tiutisfc70fdfdc-adc5eb Plain packaging measures, combined with large and graphic health warnings, replace branded packets which once had no warnings. Moreover, the direct taxes has failed to check the growth of black money which is again aggravating the inflationary spiral in the level of prices. Taxation plays an important role in mobilising resources for plan. The minors, some categories of criminals and lunatics are usually excluded from the list of voters. The party in power in a totalitarian political system does not recognize the existence of such particularistic entities and even regards their emergence as anathema.

Most states have now written constitutions. Obedience is the supreme law which is enforced by the use of police powers.

how government policies can influence economic growth.

Inflation has a variety of possible causes, but they are between the Keynesian and monetarist theories, ranging between demand-pull, cost-push, built-in inflation, and the quantity model.

The saving rate increased from a mere 8.

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I tend to set this simple-looking question for coursework in policy modules: what is policy, how much has it changed, and why? The Ayodhya issue has been exploited by all the political parties for the politics of votes. To mobilise adequate resources for financing various programmes and projects adopted for economic development. An effective fiscal policy is composed of policy decisions relating to entire financial structure of the government including tax revenue, public expenditures, loans, transfers, debt management, budgetary deficit, etc. Despite the fact that the -Constitution declares India to be a secular state, no political party including, the Congress I has ever ignored it. During the Eighth Plan, the volume of internal debt of the Central Government was amounted to Rs 1,59, crore and that of external debt was to the extent of Rs 2, crore. Progressive taxes on income and wealth tax exemption, subsidies, grant etc. Traditionally, fiscal policy in concerned with the determination of state income and expenditure policy.

In some states, women are not given the right to vote. For the successful working of any democracy, a healthy system of voting is a sine qua non.

To enhance the marginal and average rates of savings for mobilising adequate financial resources for making.

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To attain the growth of public sector for attaining the objective of socialistic pattern of society; 8. Transfer payments were designed as a way to provide a safety net to citizens in need of assistance. There are several types of protests such as: -Sit-ins. One of the main functions of political parties is to contest elections. If you have authored this item and are not yet registered with RePEc, we encourage you to do it here. In turn, a good description and explanation of policy change is difficult. Suggestions for Necessary Reforms in Fiscal Policy: Following are some of the important measures suggested for necessary reforms of the fiscal policy of the country: i Progressive Taxes: The tax structure of the country should try to infuse more progressive elements so that it can put heavy burden on the rich and less burden on the poor. To enhance the marginal and average rates of savings for mobilising adequate financial resources for making. In the UK, increase use of technology has also saved lives and helps prosecute criminals. Some examples from my pet subject Let me outline how I would begin to answer the three questions with reference to UK tobacco policy. To arrange an optimum utilisation of resources; 5.

They have a sizeable block of voters in their pockets and also contribute to the financial sinews of the party concerned. It also lowers the discount rate, or the rate at which it lends money to institutions within the federal banking system, which gives banks more assets to lend.

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