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Rosenblatt, Louise M. I really enjoyed it; it gives the background information on the creation of Middle Earth. You do not need to work through these questions in order, one by one, in your essay.

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Mitty is a direct literary descendant of the first woman to be stereotyped as a nagging wife, Dame Van Winkle, the creation of the American writer, Washington Irving. Have you lost your gloves?

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How well does the text address things that you, personally, care about and consider important to the world? An individual has in the brain a core identity theme behaviors then becoming understandable as a theme and variations as in music. William Vesterman. Feeling Stuck on Your Essay? In an appendix, "Literature in the Reader", Fish used "the" reader to examine responses to complex sentences sequentially, word-by-word. Women and men have focused on the issue of sex for centuries. While readers can and do put their own ideas and experiences into a work, they are at the same time gaining new understanding through the text. From the very early time, women began to strive fro their self-evaluation I really enjoyed it; it gives the background information on the creation of Middle Earth. The book has not changed. You can use the journal to explore ideas for essays, note important quotations, and list words to look up in the dictionary. Gwynn, eds.

The Second Bakery Attack stood out above all other literary releases of its time, receiving universally positive reviews and revolutionizing the way Japan viewed literature However, our life experiences between the first reading and any subsequent re-reading can affect the way we respond to a story.

The challenge of a reader-response is to show how you connected with the text.

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The Structure of a Reader-Response Essay Choosing a text to study is the first step in writing a reader-response essay.

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