Fish writing activities for kindergarten

Let the students color the instructions first and then carry on with finding the words to color those colors. Children will be mesmerized watching the antics of various fish. When you are ready to revise, or to reinforce, use these fish vowel printables.

Rainbow fish

Get a whole fish from the grocery store and paint one side of it to make fish prints. When you frown because you don't get what you want, you are being a pout, pout face. I remind them that we walk in the classroom. I draw the pictures according to their suggestions. I found the cutest story ever to read to you today. Fish Comparisons Fish are diverse creatures. It is fun to read. I will say the whole thing first and then you can say it with me.

Fish Short Vowel Activity Early readers learn that a word needs to have a vowel to be a real word plus identifying the vowel aids in decoding words when the words get longer. Kids also like to observe fish.

It is important to teach my students how to sequence story details for an accurate retell.

Rainbow fish activities pdf

If you want to use the class sentences you can. She holds an Master of Education in instructional leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I remind them that we walk in the classroom. Warm Up 10 minutes I stumbled on this book by accident one day and thought it would be perfect for our Ocean Theme and for working on sequencing story events. They might even see them in a pet store when they have a chance to visit. This vowel activity requires no prep, simply print and use! Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email Most kids have either seen a fish in real life or seen one in video. Differences will be found in appearance, such as size, color and markings. But, with practice, both skills can develop when the learning is made fun! The drawings are interesting and make my students laugh. I show videos the last few minutes of class when the chairs are stacked, back packs are on and we are sitting waiting for dismissal.

On the day of my lesson, I didn't show it until at the end of the day. Let the students think of their own words with those vowels and write it on the fish.

the rainbow fish activities
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FREE Printable Fish Short Vowel Activity for Kindergarten Ocean Theme!