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This helped with the identification of the offenders as well as providing incontestable evidence as to their involvement in the crime. During cross-examination the defence argued that as a result of this, a 23cm hair belonging to Sarah had first transferred onto the bag containing the sweatshirt and then onto the sweatshirt itself when it was taken out of the bag for the first examination. All the fibres were picked off one by one under a low-power microscope with a pair of fine forceps and retained under Sellotape. CFNZ is contacted and briefed as to the types of files required and queried as to whether it would be possible to determine the actual time that the disk was formatted. The PC previously used by employee F is delivered to CFNZ and an evidential copy of all data on the hard disk drive is made and preserved. Although there were other samples of clown-patterned material, none of them matched. For manmade fibres an infra red spectrophotometry can be done — a chemical analysis to tell whether the fibre is made of polyester, nylon or acrylic, for example. In the second clump there were fibres matching the sweatshirt, socks, and one fibre from the passenger seat of the van. The following scenarios are specific examples of the problems some of our clients have faced in the past. A full report is presented to management of company G and the ex-employee F makes appropriate reparation. Our scientist pointed out that although each fibre type on its own may not be rare, taken together the combination of fibres could provide extremely strong evidence, in the same way that 20 common alleles combined to give a very rare DNA profile. CFNZ conducts a detailed briefing session with management and legal counsel of company G. Workmates also note that pornographic images are seen on her PC after the second caution. A local man on the sex offenders' register soon became a suspect, his van seized and exhibits sent for forensic examination. Later when a scientist was looking at the tapings from the red sweatshirt and the clown curtain she realised that the constituent sweatshirt fibres were unusually dark red and that they shed very readily.

The van Shortly after Sarah had disappeared, her brother Lee noticed a white transit-type van passing along the lane. Our detailed and sustained analysis of internet use and traffic pinpointed a clash of IP addresses on the system.

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The PC previously used by employee F is delivered to CFNZ and an evidential copy of all data on the hard disk drive is made and preserved. Contamination During the trial the defence barrister tried to discredit the forensic evidence in a number of ways.

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The senior manager was cleared of all involvement, and his reputation was restored. It was fairly unusual as it had been manufactured in four colours - but there were only 1, metres in this particular colour that had been used by Boots the Chemist as curtains for branches that had baby changing rooms.

Roy Whiting bought a white Fiat Ducato van a week before Sarah disappeared.

Forensic case studies

Examination of fibres from the green dress showed similarities to the blue polyester cotton fibres.

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Forensic Case Studies (NSC)