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Bradley C. You can obtain additional information on how to request public documents from the SEC on their website. Upon taking the CEO seat a year ago, Buck has brought in a number of new senior executives, including Chief Growth Officer Mary Beth West, who comes armed with snacking experience from Mondelez; Tillemans, who brings more than two decades of experience from Unilever; and Chief Digital Commerce Officer Doug Straton, also of Unileverwho brings with him e-commerce experience as Hershey builds its online strategy.

The Hershey Trust Company has a strong interest in the long-term health and success of the Hershey Company.

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While at any given time there may be some backlog of orders, this backlog is not material in respect to our total annual sales, nor are the changes, from time to time, significant. So, out of the spotlight, on the quiet streets of Hershey, Buck is trying to introduce change. We charge a small copying fee for these exhibits to cover our costs. We develop new products, improve the quality of existing products, improve and modernize production processes, and develop and implement new technologies to enhance the quality and value of both current and proposed product lines. We identify risks and establish controls to assure product quality and safety. The percentage of total consolidated net sales for our businesses outside of the United States was It also was a young brand and it didn't have the same license to introduce creative flavors. We continue our leadership role in improving the lives of cocoa farming families through our active engagement and financial support for the World Cocoa Foundation, the International Cocoa Initiative, Farmer Field Schools, the Sustainable Tree Crops program and other key initiatives. Bower Bloomberg Getty Images It is a compelling plan. This was consistent with previous quarters and was driven by optimization of emerging brand spend, reductions in agency and production fees, and media efficiency gains including an increased focus on earned, or non-paid media. Bankers chagrin the few snack brands that are both growing and of scale. It has also begun to more openly discuss the legacy of the school it funds, calling itself the original purpose-driven company. Both directly and through the United Way, we contribute to hundreds of agencies that deliver much needed services and resources. That means making its own classic chocolate products more snackable.

Research and Development We engage in a variety of research and development activities. We use many different commodities for our business, including cocoa products, sugar, dairy products, peanuts, almonds, corn sweeteners, natural gas and fuel oil.

Hershey, Pennsylvania, retains the same idealism that Milton Hershey imbued in it when he founded his namesake empire there in The adjusted tax rate in the fourth quarter of was 9.

Hershey annual report 2018

Through our Product Excellence Program, we evaluate the supply chain including ingredients, packaging, processes, products, distribution and the environment to determine where product quality and safety controls are necessary. Bilbrey later became CEO, at the first annual meeting he presided over, he announced he was bringing back the free chocolate. They fear Hershey can't balance its newer snacking offense while protecting its core. By building awareness, the outreach initiatives also help the school recruit students and staff. If we change or waive any portion of the Code of Ethical Business Conduct that applies to any of our directors, executive officers or senior financial officers, we will post that information on our website within four business days. Efforts at the latter have been challenged. You may obtain a copy of any of these reports directly from the SEC. We use many different commodities for our business, including cocoa products, sugar, dairy products, peanuts, almonds, corn sweeteners, natural gas and fuel oil. Often the shifts are short-lived. We will provide to any stockholder a copy of one or more of the Exhibits listed in Part IV of this report, upon request. Now, with the global confectionery market dominated by players like Nestle , Mars and Mondelez, it's tough to cobble together an international platform. Industry executives are impressed with her marketing, presentation and communications skills.

Source: Hershey's "We are letting loose a little to let consumers in," said West. It is keeping the popcorn maker's management and headquarters in Austin, Texas, which will be the new center of its small brand strategy.

Inhe had crafted a deal to merge his namesake chocolate empire with Kraft Phenix Cheese Corporation and Colgate-Palmolive-Peet company, but the plan was scuttled by the Great Depression.

Hershey company annual report 2018

In the report, we also identified priority areas and set targets for future performance in our four CSR pillars: environment, community, workplace and marketplace. Information concerning our research and development expense is contained in the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, Note 1, Summary of Significant Accounting Policies. Boiling tensions led to the resignation of Lenny and several board members. The founder left early on and the chocolate market dipped. Two years ago, Mars bought out Warren Buffett's stake in the gum company, allowing it to finally combine its gum and candy business. Lessons learned and going big The lab where Hershey concocts its chocolate confections is relatively isolated, aside from a nearby Friendly's, the restaurant chain it used to own in a prior diversification play. Locals note with approval, that she was born in central Pennsylvania, went to Pennsylvania's Shippensburg University and sent her children to Hershey schools. Our employees and retirees share their time and resources generously in their communities. That is the tightrope Hershey walks: change is rarely greeted as enthusiastically as a return to tradition. Various government agencies, third party firms and our quality assurance staff conduct audits of all facilities that manufacture our products to assure effectiveness and compliance with our program and all applicable laws and regulations. It always retreats.

These documents are also available electronically from the SEC internet website at www. It always retreats. But if Hershey isn't careful, its rivals could outmaneuver it.

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