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Ford in the presidential delegate count, announced prior to the Republican National Convention that, if nominated, he would select Senator Richard Schweiker as his running mate. In , after the vice presidency had been vacant for most of a presidential term, Congress again changed the line of succession. In , Democratic nominee Walter Mondale 's groundbreaking choice of Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate the first woman in U. The former Rough Rider held presidential ambitions and worried that the job could be "a steppingstone to…oblivion. Now, the vice president is usually seen as an integral part of a president's administration and presides over the Senate only on ceremonial occasions or when a tie-breaking vote may be needed. The amendment also sets forth very specifically the steps that would permit the vice president to serve as acting president if a president becomes "unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Calhoun holds the record at 31 votes, followed closely by John Adams with To avoid creating a potential problem for Texas' electors, Cheney changed his residency back to Wyoming prior to the campaign. As is apparent from such examples, the men who served as vice president of the United States varied greatly in their talents and aptitude for the post. Bush , but the Bush-Quayle ticket still won handily. As a result, vice presidents were often excluded from the policy-making process of the new administration. The first presidential aspirant to announce his selection for vice president before the beginning of the convention was Ronald Reagan who, prior to the Republican National Convention announced that Richard Schweiker would be his running mate. Roosevelt in Tompkins —all of them New Yorkers, with the single exception of Elbridge Gerry, a Massachusetts man—helped cement the "Virginia-New York" alliance that enabled the Jeffersonian Republicans to control the presidency for six consecutive terms.

Calhoun's vice presidency stands in vivid contrast to the experience of his immediate predecessors. For a candidate to win the contingent election, he or she must receive votes from an absolute majority of senators currently 51 of No one expected Jefferson to be Adams' principal assistant.

The vice presidency in the 19th century seldom led to the White House, because vice presidents of the era were rarely men of presidential stature.

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Finally, after the death of President John F. As is apparent from such examples, the men who served as vice president of the United States varied greatly in their talents and aptitude for the post. Burr was the first of a series of vice presidents who hailed from the northern states, chosen more for their ability to bring geographical balance to presidential tickets headed by Virginia Republicans than for their capacity to serve as president.

Of the 21 individuals who held that office from toonly Martin Van Buren managed to be elected president.

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In recent years, with the presidential nomination usually being a foregone conclusion as the result of the primary process, the selection of a vice presidential candidate is often announced prior to the actual balloting for the presidential candidate, and sometimes before the beginning of the convention itself. During most of the 19th century, the degree of influence and the role played within the Senate depended chiefly on the personality and inclinations of the individual involved. One joined the Confederate army and led an invasion of Washington, D. In President Nixon pledged to give his vice president a significant policy-making role and—for the first time—an office in the White House itself. Nixon appointed Gerald R. Agnew concluded from this experience, "After trying for a while to get along with the Senate, I decided I would go down to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue and try playing the executive game. One was the target of a failed assassination plot. Although two later vice presidents, George Clinton and John C.
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