Impact of legal issues on management planning

Experts managing a high-risk activity can often predict problems and find solutions that prevent the activities from having a negative impact on the project.

Legal environment

Functional independence also influences the elements of organizational structure and makes it even more complex. But the few companies that attain this pathway possess a rare and valuable legal capability that can provide a competitive advantage that is difficult for rival businesses to imitate. In the past, Microsoft has vigorously asserted its own patents against Google, and the licensing deal with Nokia allows Nokia to pursue actions against Google independent from Microsoft, thus creating a multifront attack against Google. Journal of Business Research, v. These become the critical few. After this understanding we could identify how the formulation phase and the process implementation phase influenced or were influenced by the indicators that constitute the organizational structure, this content will be discussed in the next chapter. Minimise the potential impact of crises Once you've identified the key risks your business faces, you need to take steps to protect your business functions against them.

Consider the following example of an elevator and escalator manufacturer that was able to reduce its product liability claims from incidents involving children who had been injured in department stores where the escalators were located.

Sample of response checklist 4. People Try to ensure you're not dependent on a few staff for key skills by getting them to train other people. On projects with a low-complexity profile, the project manager may informally track items that may be considered risk items.

legal issues in strategic planning

Visit our Insurance section for help on how to choose the best cover for you. Organizational vision, values and mission. They concentrate on the packing phase of the move. He would also lose wages during the time it took to find the other job.

The project management team will assign the appropriate resources to the technology managers to ensure the accomplishment of project goals.

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Strategic Planning Process and Organizational Structure: Impacts, Confluence and Similarities