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These tracts were also more likely to contain landmarked buildings or neighborhood areas designated as historic districts - designations likely to be associated with interesting architecture. Second, we conducted systematic observation in a total of 38 blocks 76 block facesdrawn from pairs of poor and nonpoor tracts matched on walkability scores.

Category: The Challenges of Entering Inner-City Neighborhoods With saturation in their traditional markets, emerging markets offer some real opportunities for franchise systems today.

Companies are beginning to realize that improving diversity is not only important to their brand, but also essential to their competitive base and bottom line. Read this book. It explores the role of social capital in stabilizing and turning around distressed communities, and it highlights the roles that local actors can and do play in the revitalization process.

There are few pedestrians, and some of the ones who do pass offer forbidding looks, or ask if you're there to buy drugs.

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In all inner-city neighborhoods, however, there is a problem minority that varies between about Reviews Summary This book discusses the revitalization of decayed inner-city neighborhoods.

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“Inner City” Myths and Realities