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Shoppers are tracked based on body type and clothing rather than facial recognition. Customers can find their closest Moby Mart via the accompanying app, which they also use to open the door. While not quite in the league of these ecommerce giants, the traditional retail industry has also automated parts of its highly complex business over the years.

At Walmart, the secret of supply chain success is a collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment system that enables vendors, distributors, and others to synchronize forecasted sales.

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CreditGiulia Marchi for The New York Times Nowhere are retailers experimenting more avidly with automating store shopping than in China, a country obsessed by new tech fads. Read the Digitalist Magazine and get the latest insights about the digital economy that you can capitalize on today. The space stocks the expected range of convenience and home essentials. Image A Hema attendant showing how a food code can be scanned with a smartphone. We like how simple but effective the idea is. On the marketing side, retailers need to go all out to carve an identity for themselves to keep customers coming. Currently for beta users only, the space sells a mix of snacks, drinks and bath products. He spent his formative years working for a large UK Retailer, building his expertise across stores, supply chain, merchandising and business analytics. The total bill automatically appears in WeChat and once customers have paid via WeChat Wallet the door opens to let them leave. You then scan the QR code again to pay and leave. Retailers are especially focused on getting information on point of purchase and analytics around consumer behavior and product feedback. Clearly they see the demand. One of them, AiFi, is working on cashierless checkout technology that it says will be flexible and affordable enough that mom-and-pop retailers and bigger outlets can use it.

Companies are testing robots that help keep shelves stocked, as well as apps that let shoppers ring up items with a smartphone. Consumer Packaged Goods CPG companies have been quick to adopt because they need a ruthlessly efficient supply chain to compensate for wafer thin margins.

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While self-checkout and scanning devices come to mind, automation taken further can drastically reshape and advance accuracy and service for companies willing to take the risk. The small-format stores have the look of a shipping container and stock around different convenience food and drink products. From checkout clerks to switchboard operators, people i. Standard Market is all about having a space for the company to show what it can do to potential customers as well as refine the tech through real-life customer interactions. But this also changes the dynamics of inventory: There are carrying costs to stores for holding on to lots of products. Building on the success of these stores, EasyGo is now looking at partnerships with other companies like Four Seas Group. Changes in roles: a help, not a threat With automation will come a variety of changes, not least of which are around the way in which employees work. Employees are able to undertake a variety of tasks from emails to creating visual merchandising looks, meaning that productivity levels can also be enhanced by using an IT retail system on the tablet. A versatile approach to IT retail systems could mean that store associates are more engaged with omnichannel, as automation brings the need for them to perform and have knowledge of a wider variety of practices such as ship-from store and online ordering. Companies are testing robots that help keep shelves stocked, as well as apps that let shoppers ring up items with a smartphone. Dollar Shave Club, now a Unilever company, is a great example of great experiences born out of data monetized. Inside Amazon Go, for instance, the cameras never lose sight of a customer once he or she enters the shop. Supply chain software , whilst unseen by shoppers, is also impacted significantly by automation. At its huge campus south of Beijing, JD is testing a new store that relies on computer vision and sensors on the shelves to know when items have been taken. But he said it was just a matter of time before more cameras and sensors were commonplace in stores.

Shoppers scan a code on their phones to enter and, once inside, scan the items they want to buy. Another example is Walmart using Bossa Nova robots to automate inventory monitoring. Based on the insights from that data, businesses will create new processes, reshuffle existing ones, and digitize the process experience.

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Is Automation Inevitable In The Retail Sector?