Management communication styles

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If there are a similar number of highlights in each section then you are a 'Combiner' - that is, an individual who uses a variety of communication styles, happily changing between them to achieve their objective.

A lack of small-talk. The more you communicate in a wide variety of situations the greater your ability to deal with any communications environments regardless of the context or circumstances. Understanding how we communicate is important for identifying areas for improvement and working well with our colleagues.

This Communication Style Checklist will help you to identify your own preferred communication style so that you come across with confidence and empathy.

team communication styles

The potential downside of having an Analytical communication style is that you may strike certain people as being cold or unfeeling. What makes some people better than others at communicating is their ability to adapt their style to suit the message, environment, and exchange.

Coaching Coaching helps employees develop and build a broad set of skills. Functional communicators are often made team leaders because other employees can see their dedication to detail as a strong suit.

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In your place of work, you likely send dozens or hundreds of emails each and every week. Analytical communicators will always prefer to use logic instead of emotions to make their points.

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Figure Out Your Manager’s Communication Style