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I want to make things better.

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This approach supports both the research and the execution phase. The forth step is creation, starting with ideation and scenario build, followed by form exploration and more detailed design.

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The main project assignments are completed with a detailed colour and trim study that is applicated to the exterior and to the interior of the vehicle. Lastly the concept is brought to life in a scale model and project presented with high quality imagery.

As in many other sectors, the automotive industry will go from building a product to selling a service. Initial thoughts Why BMWi?

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The most popular answer to the question on future mobility fuel is electricity. Davide Tealdi Davide Tealdi Designer, Co-founder of Supermonkey, passionate about strategic design applied to transportation and product.

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Project Management Introduction to car interior project management with the aim of establishing the design path for the months to follow. They thus acquire practical skills to explore different design solutions during the modelling phase and work independently. In recent years big progress has been made in developing different types of technology supporting this. The industrial, economic, and societal r evolutions, often related to sustainable issues, that lie ahead in this beginning of century encourage us to devise transportation solutions that are both sustainable and responsible. He can't imagine himself anywhere else but in the design world, experiencing the beauty of creating things starting from an empty paper and following up on the process until it becomes real. People might find it easier to share a car or Can we share house, car and responsibilities? Today, digital modelling skills are a fundamental design tool in the automotive field. The aim of this process is to guarantee that there is no qualitative gap between the original concept and the product. Traveling a long distance comes at the price of refueling breaks, not only a bad thing.
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Master in Design in Transportation Design