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While there are many positives to questionnaires, dishonesty can be an issue. Questionnaire Method: Another commonly used job analysis method is getting the questionnaires filled from employees, their superiors and managers. But, developing and testing a questionnaire can be expensive and time consuming. Do not advise the worker how to do the job. Lack of support from the top management. Method 4. During the interview, the analyst must make judgements about the information to be included and its degree of importance. These documents are available so that organizations can apply them in accordance with standards of ISO But some follow-up observations and discussions are necessary to clarify inadequately filled-in questionnaires and interpretation problems. Job Analysis Methods Job Analysis Methods Though there are several methods of collecting job analysis information yet choosing the one or a combination of more than one method depends upon the needs and requirements of organization and the objectives of the job analysis process. This overcomes memory lapses on the part of the job holder.

Besides being slow and expensive this method also interferes with normal work operations. Such information can be obtained by asking supervisors, industrial engineers, and others familiar with the work. Finally, all the job holders participate in the method unlike in an interview where one or two workers only would participate.

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Critical Incidents: Under this method, the supervisor is asked to give instances of on-the-job behaviours of people which he considers to be important. Lack of support from the top management.

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So, before executing any method, all advantages and disadvantages should be analyzed because the data collected through this process serves a great deal and helps organizations cope with current market trends, organizational changes, high attrition rate and many other day-to-day problems.

Nonetheless, the effectiveness of the interview method will depend on the ability of both interviewer and respondent in asking questions and responding them respectively. Interview Method: The job is analyzed by interviewing every individual employee separately. Interviews are time consuming and training is needed.

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Methods of collecting job analysis (Summarize) Human resources.