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Abraham Williams, alongside three 3 workers takes the responsibility of this burden.

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This along with many other thing has resulted in great productivity and development with their business. Currently, the business has one branch. Williams, resigned from her previous occupation. The enterprise takes the structure of a sole trader.

This was represented by a total of 40 percent. Employees say that whenever communication flows like this, they are able to voice their opinions and this makes the staff feel important in the business.

Questionnaire was used as a research instrument to obtain quantitative data.

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Questionnaire was used as a research instrument to obtain quantitative data. Simpson, Singh Therefore, there are seven primary elements in the communication process. The student population was chosen because we were able to gain valuable insight on the improvements or recommendation on the business. This shows recognition of the work Tesco people do and rewards them. One of the legal formalities required by Ms. I will research the theory as it relates to motivation of employees to improve performance in the work place. Some ofthe many areas of the business that is impacted by effective communication are staff motivation, the number and quality of ideas generated by the staff as well as the response of the receivers. The researcher recommends three suggestions to Digicel Jamaica.

Therefore inJamaica decided to open its phone market up for competition. The second most preferred is the lateral whilst the third most preferred is the diagonal. The most preferred flow of communication is the upward flow which goes directly from subordinates to employers.

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The manager may be keen, willing to work hard and with undoubted abilities in their chosen field. For example, Mr. The primary source consisted of a questionnaire along with an interview session whereas the secondary sources were made up of a combination of the internet, books, research papers and magazines. These two sources used in the data collection process were sufficient to complete my research. Through this I will be able to better comprehend the principles of business learn in class. It opening hours is from 6 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Explicitly, the results show that oral communication is the most effective method used at the business. The type of media appropriate for transmitting messages is often dependent on the quantity of data to be communicated, cost and speed to name a few. Williams is the only other employee who can make payments to suppliers on behalf of the owner whereas the remaining employees can only carry out their specified task according to their position in the business. He also stated that a manager with poor social skills will over react to an employees work performance. Introduction Topic Sentence An investigation to determine the micro-environmental factors, influencing the Garden Cinema organization and its possibility for success.

Undertaking of this project requires a great deal of research before measurable data could be found. If the company has a very low amount of working capital it may be at risk of running out of money.

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For example, differences in culture, religion and status can cause bias in the delivery and responses.

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