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Seatbelt is a very important component when we all drive a car or other vehicle. Sometimes, complications arise during pregnancy, and the doctor decides to save the life of the mother. Both sides have interesting arguments but at the end of the day, abortion does a lot of harm to both the mother and the baby and there is just no tradeoff that is worth the damage caused.

In particular, tolerance has seemingly resolved or smoothed-out a number of moral dilemmas that humanity faced during the past centuries. Another argument is that a woman who has decided to get rid of the embryo is about to kill herself as well.

Recently, a case did the rounds in social media, and one that generated a significant debate. Preparing a convincing speech about the dangers of smoking and how to quit the habit is something that literally saves lives.

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Pro-choice supports the idea she would learn from her mistake and that ultimately it was her choice to do what she wished with her body. There is Pro lifers which are all about not having abortions and that believe that it is terrible to have an abortion because you are ending a human life.

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Persuasive essay about abortions