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Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! Other concerns that were presented were inaccurate and incomplete documentation of the Admission Assessment and timely implementation of the standard of care for the prevention and management of pressure ulcer. Without an adequate supply of blood, body tissues can die.

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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has recently recommended that in hospitalized patients, pressure ulcer risk assessment be done every 24 hours 44 rather than the previous suggestion of every 48 hours. Ayello, Ph.

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Assessment and Staging The nurse should assess and stage the pressure ulcer at each dressing change. Many aspects of managing pressure ulcers are similar to prevention mechanical loading, support surfaces, and nutrition. Although the AHRQ document was published 13 years ago, it provides the foundation for treating pressure ulcers. Thus, nurses still need to use their clinical judgment in employing preventive pressure ulcer care. Noninfectious complications include amyloidosis, heterotopic bone formation, perinealurethral fistula, pseudoaneurysm, Marjolin ulcer, and systemic complications of topical treatment. Incidence, Mortality, and Costs The incidence rates of pressure ulcers vary greatly with the health care settings. Sliding may harm the skin. The document identifies specific processes e. Lyder;1 Elizabeth A. For patients in the hospital, they can occur within the first 2 weeks. Bacteremia may occur with or without osteomyelitis, causing unexplained fever, tachycardia, hypotension, or altered mental status.

Sustained pressure can cut off circulation to vulnerable parts of the body. Studies confirmed the effectiveness of no-rinse cleansers and moisture barrier creams, and found that they were less likely to harm skin integrity than soap and water Thompson, et al.

Since neural and endothelial control of blood flow is impaired during an illness state, the patient may be more susceptible to ischemic organ damage e.

Controlling moisture: Fluid from incontinence can irritate skin and predispose it to breakdown. Clearly, the health care team has to address the underlying causes intrinsic and extrinsic or the pressure ulcer will not close.

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