Should race be a factor

Eight states have legislation in place that mandates race-blind admissions at public institutions: California, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas, Washington, New Hampshire, and Arizona. Students for Fair Admissionsa nonprofit group opposed to race-based admissions practices, filed the original suit in on behalf of several Asian-American students who were denied admission to Harvard despite having top grades and test scores.

He noted a Gallup analysis last year that, reviewing numerous studies, found that Americans are more likely to support affirmative action when it is described "at a higher, more conceptual level. The new Pew study and the poll are specifically about what should be considered in admissions.

how can you take race into consideration in admitting students without using a quota system

Richmond, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. The admissions process is designed to produce a well-rounded class of students whose interests and backgrounds are not identical. Too often, supporters paint broad strokes portraying all white people as rich upper class while everyone else is poor and disadvantaged.

Our world is made up of people of many colors; therefore, students should learn and grow in an environment that depicts this reality. This means understanding and articulating the value of racial and other forms of diversity in learning.

We get that Asian-American students who are rejected by some of the top-tier colleges and universities they apply to would be frustrated.

Should race be a factor

Carnevale is director and Mr. Therefore, race should be excluded as a consideration but other factors, such as socioeconomic status, could create the more diverse and society while also giving the most disadvantaged in this society the leg up they desperately need, regardless of skin color. Colleges and universities provide much more than intellectual preparation when their campuses house young people from a variety of backgrounds.

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Why Race Should Remain a Factor in College Admissions