Sir syed ahmed khan muslim reformer

Sir Syed quickly understood that institutions like this can build the solid foundations of societies and may play a key role in opening minds and in educating generations of people.

sir syed ahmed khan introduction

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was very much in favour of education and progress but Aligarh did not at first admit women either. In he was made a Knight Commander of the Star of India.

Amineh Hoti For too long the media and some orientalist narratives in academia have portrayed Muslims as having the potential to be a threat to modern Western civilisation. By establishing the Muhammadan Educational Conference, he provided Muslims with a platform on which he could discuss their political problems.

To do this he did the following things: wrote the loyal Muhammadans of India to prove that Muslims were not disloyal to British and to ask the British to end their hostility. Khan was invited to attend the first session of the Indian National Congress and was also asked to join the organisation but he refused.

It cannot be disputed that Muslims refined Greek and South Asian knowledge and took it to higher levels, as they were active contributors to Western knowledge and to reasoning. He saw an uncle, a cousin and an aunt dying before his eyes.

We need to cultivate more leaders who will be bridge-builders in the metaphoric sense of the word. He wanted a proper inquiry into the matter and said that the author, unless he could give a satisfactory explanation, should be harshly dealt with.

This is what has been happening with India-Pakistan relations, each accusing the other of all its evils. The Supreme Court upheld this amendment. Chagla, the then education minister, amended the act to reduce the AMU to a government department.

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Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan