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The long grass of the field kept moving and they sort of felt like they were being watched… About a half hour passed and still the girls kept checking the field for movements.

Who are the man and woman. Their eyes hardly left the field.

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A kind of conclusion that is drawn after considering as many facts as possible. The feel of a story or scene is primarily achieved through three elements—tone, mood, and style.

There is a BIG difference between: -It was hot outside today. She will have a book to open and open and open. First-Person Narrator A character in the story who refers to himself or herself as I or me. Tone can be manipulated by changing what the narrator focuses on and through his changing reactions to what is going on in the story as well as by changing the words used for his thoughts, action, and dialogue. Imagery Sensory details Imagery 21 Imagery is the use of language that appeals to the senses. You may be asked what sense imagery appeals to Wolf Mine is the howl that chills the spine in the forest gloom; mine is the whine. The theme can be stated in one or more sentences. A story as a whole will also have a tone, a particular feel. Short stories, novels, plays, poems… Universal themes Can be found in literature from different times, countries, and cultures. Its partner rests in place, Upon the wooden table, Studied by a passing crow, Landing on the old, worn stable. Homeless children may miss the chance to go to school. If a dog runs at her again, she will use the book as a shield. Tone must be inferred through the use of descriptive words.

And -An explosion of heat blasted my face as soon as I stepped through the door. And -An explosion of heat blasted my face as soon as I stepped through the door.

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Allegory A story which characters and settings stand for something beyond themselves, usually virtues and vices. The book has already lived through its troubles.

Why did it happen? Worst of all, some cities pass laws that make it even harder on the homeless. How does she feel about life? So why were they wearing black, I wondered. The tone of a scene can also be affected by manipulation of the sense elements. Climax The most exciting part of a story; the moment when the outcome of the conflict is determined. An orange bed is waiting. What can we infer has already happened? Serious Evidence? Their eyes hardly left the field. Theme The general idea or insight about human life that a work of literature reveals. Sometimes the characters in an allegory are given names that indicate what they stand for.
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Mood, Tone, Imagery, Symbolism, and Inference