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So to a great extent, the television animation writer functions as a director.

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How long does it last? Stories should appeal to the interests of the person for whom they are written and avoid using words that may cause the person anxiety or distress. My body needs food several times per day; just like a steam train needs coal to stay running.

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This is especially necessary when scripts are sent overseas to be animated, because if the description is imprecise, the translation to other languages and cultures leaves a lot of room for misinterpretation. Where does the situation occur?

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People draw as they talk and use these drawings to learn about different social situations. This makes them easier to find and review, and to develop with new information.

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Gather information Collect information about the situation you want to describe in your social story. Find ways to support the story, eg create poster with a key phrase from the story. It's important to present the information in a way which allows for unexpected changes to a situation. Present the social story to the person at a time when everyone is feeling calm and relaxed, using a straightforward approach, eg I have written this story for you. It should be made up of descriptive sentences, and may also have coaching sentences. What is Talk for Writing? For example, they need to understand why covering their mouth when coughing is important, ie it stops germs from being spread which may make other people sick.

This increase in description creates another difference between live and animation writing. But one page of a TV animation script generally translates to about 40 seconds of screen time.

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