Task 1 p1 explain the ethical

In was known as the worst offenders of the social and Environmental issues, which gave them a really bad reputation. One-to-one communication: Having a conversation with an individual that you may not know that well or even at all may be awkward therefore you should always try to start off positively… Words - Pages 10 Unit 1: P1 Essay P1: Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in an health and social care context There are plenty methods of communication that are used in health and social care context.

Task 1 p1 explain the ethical

Task 3 Evidence for P4 and M3: P4 - examine the ethical concerns of the communities in which a selected business operates. Decide whether this impact is positive or negative and explain why who does it affect and how ; 4.

Note - You will have to clarify with your tutor that the selected business is suitable. Areas that the business needs to address and how it can improve their approach to social and ethical trading.

Is it sustainable can it continue? Task 4 Evidence for D1: D1 - evaluate the impact of a selected businesss ethical behaviour on stakeholders and the business. Business Ethics is the moral principles of the right and wrong things that an organisation can do.

Job Advertisement A job advertisement is an advert which is designed to attract suitable applicants for a particular job. Good working Ethics consists of: being honest, dependable, efficient, initiative, positive attitude, and team-working.

explain the ethical issues a business needs to consider in its operational activities p1

Consumers are now given a choice relating to the products and services that they use and this has given many businesses, such as those that do not use animal testing on cosmetics, the opportunity to grow in niche markets to satisfy consumer demand.

You provide a service advising clients who wish to make investments that are environmentally and socially responsible to businesses that you have researched and considered as being a viable investment.

Your article must include the following: An introduction to the business operating in that community; What are the concerns that the local communities have about the business operating there and why? Understand the meaning and importance of ethics in the business world Understand the implications of businesses operating ethically Know the social implications of business ethics Understand ethical concerns facing different communities Introduction This assignment will allow you to know and understand the concept of business ethics and to examine its application to the conduct of individuals in organisations and to the conduct of the organisation as a whole.

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Unit 1, the Business Environment, P1