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An earlier version of this story incorrectly described her connection to the Wampanoags.

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Judging by those records, below are the first set of Native-American people who inhabited America before the arrival of another human race; the Iroquois: The Iroquois of Native Americans was one of the tribes that lived in America before other people came In this paper I will be writing about what I researched and found about Native American art. However, in many cases European encounter caused Native American artwork to become less culturally significant, while a greater emphasis of its economical importance emerged. This has impacted Native Americans culture from a past, present, and future perspective. Nobody gets it unless they have lived in the footsteps of another. When this question was asked on the first day of class, there were many different answers as to what makes up the American Dream. America has continued to be so indifferent to minorities, especially the ones that we took this land from, and that is why I chose to pick this as my topic The relationship between the European settlers brought many things to trade with the Indians such as axes, guns, knives, alcohol but the most devastating item that the Indians received were the germs that their bodies were not able to fight off

In an effort of Native Americans to obtain much of the Northern American land, there was a long series of war, massacre and forced displacements, restriction of food rights and imposition of treaties. The Iroquois Confederacy also known as the Six Nations had taken opportunity of the fact that invading nations needed resources and organized diverse trading businesses meant to assist both their own people and settlers in their struggle to sustain themselves.

Racism is the basis for discrimination.

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The fans will have to know who they are representing and cheering for. To conclude, I will talk about ethical issues, and dilemmas that a Social Worker might face working with Native American people.

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Whether it was their beliefs or identity the Native Americans have always been treated unfair. Apart from the gold and silver, the surprising vast properties and the agricultural crops found in the island had become very historic in Europe especially in their economy.

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The disease brought by the Europeans caused destruction of the Native American population. Natives were primarily accustomed to earning a living through farming, hunting, and fishing fishing was only present in the case of tribes living near coasts before they could be influenced by their encounter with the Europeans. People around the United States are trying to get professional sport teams to change their names and mascots because they feel it depicts their certain race in bad way. There were stories that had similar connections, and as I read them, I put my mind to connect what the author was saying and to what I remember from my life and make a connection. Furthermore, one can also wonder on how records were kept. In this section, the significance of these instruments as well as their structure and functionality is explored. The drums are a vital aspect to the Native American culture; they understand the drum to be more than an instrument. In some sense, the Native Americans were hardly the only victims of Puritan self-righteousness: before going to war with Native Americans, the Puritans had treated the King of England and the population of Ireland with the same lofty contempt. In American history Native Americans were treated unfairly. How are these two separate works associated Land was taken away and numerous hardships were imposed. Racism is the basis for discrimination. ISBN: , 40 pages, illustrated, Caldecott nominated. The issues of what to do with the remains of our ancestors are viewed differently by people. The demands of federal programs determine the blood volume required to be Native.

They like to combine music with dance, and the Native American music always created rich percussion instruments. Then I will discuss how this knowledge will inform my practice with Native Americans. His nose humorously bounced up and down while the stupid grin on his face never seemed to dissipate There is no denying the universal fact that Native Americans have been unfairly treated and portrayed throughout American history.

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Woodson Book Award. In this paper I will be writing about what I researched and found about Native American art. In this section, largely populated groups in certain regions northwest, southwest, The Great Plains, northeast, and southeast religious ideas, practices, and impact on American culture will be discussed. Natives of North America who had a major role in assisting with the colonization of America were dealt the short stick after settlers arrived, in time it soon led to saddening road of forced diaspora From this moment on the United States. Despite the lack of the tools we have today, their artwork is impeccable and with great accuracy. People still believe today that taking away their land was the right thing to do because they think that we were technically the first people to settle here so it was rightfully ours to take Their art ranges from paintings, jewelry making, sculptures, pottery, masks, drums, totem poles, beadwork etc. Some of these instruments are drums, flutes, rattles, and other percussion instruments. It is common for exhibitory spaces within museum settings to link together colonialism and culture and as a result these constructions have been central to the formation and proliferation of ahistorical and evolutionarily focused narratives Native Americans used creation myths to explained to their people how the world was developed overtime. Public policies have taught natives about education legislation, water rights settlements, health care and land reacquisition. He was so set on Native removal that the Second Amendment was developed for the purpose of arming colonizers to murder Native people. Struggles with disease and European troops, the Native Americans attempted to fight back.
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