The role of effective communication in health care essay

In the articles, the integration of Information and Communication Technology ICT into medical practice and Effective healthcare teams require effective team members: defining teamwork competencies the authors take different views to explain the commutation barriers with regards to PHR.

Conclusion [In conclusion, communication is very important. Communicate is an important concept that carries out planning, strategies and organizations mainly through the ability to encourage coordination between managers and staff Speaking clearly allows information to be absorbed and understandable and if one individual is having difficulties learning or hearing they can easily lip read or use body language to show their understanding.

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Language: Dialect is when individuals use different words for everyday objects or feelings depending what area they come from the country. In addition to culturally appropriate education, interpreting is one of the approaches commonly used to help bridge the language gap for patients and practitioners.

According to McCaffrey et al. It make cause confusion for some people as they will not understand this way of language that is spoken by many people Jargon is a service that is used in a technical language that may cause the service user to not understand.

Parvis discusses the importance of effective communication practices that promote peer-to-peer collaboration among colleagues, and advocates open sharing of thoughts, ideas. To provide the most effective care possible, nurses must begin with clear and appropriate verbal skills such as being honest, being concise and keeping emotions out of the conversation Apler, It is extremely important that physicians and all medical staff communicate with patients.

Language barriers in healthcare essay

This miscommunication was a wrong assumption by assuming that the patient was bilingual and supposing that the patient somewhat understood English. Non-verbal: Facial expression is a non-verbal action that allows us to tell what someone is feeling by the expression of their eyes. Research indicates that effective communication is tied to positive medical outcomes Weir Communication is a key factor in the healthcare field. This can be considered a type of ongoing chain reaction. Social workers are highly trained and experienced professionals. Without considering the human touch, communication between health institutions can save money and lives. The article from the Journal of the American Medical Association tells how some patients experience issues with physicians not listening because they are often too busy. Some physicians do make you feel like they are rushing you to leave the office and some act like they are in a hurry for something more important. By showing empathy to the patients and periodic coaching from their peers they will see a more positive interaction, repeated practice and supportive feedback increase the likelihood that these skills will be valued and mastered providing a better environment for patient and staff.

Oral communication Computerised Verbal and Non-verbal communication is as important as each other and involve many features. Poor Communication [Communication failure is a huge contributor in clinical outcomes.

There are two types of communication which are verbal or non-verbal communication.

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Importance of Communication in a Healthcare Setting