Thesis for college dropouts

Some students do not have the financial support from their parents to pay for college and try to use loans to cover their tuition Students sometimes get overwhelmed in debt and dropout before getting buried in it.

Moreover, the issue of dropout students starts at a very young age; during their first year of elementary, the students categorize themselves on whether or not they want to continue their studies.

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Reasons why students dropout of college

Also, scholarship grants should be rewarded on students who want I study but dont have enough money to do so. Eventually, the students will drop out and develop bad habits, which will affect them later in life. Some dropout because of financial pressure, health problems, mental, emotional, and social issues, and may not have family support. However, college professors expect students to read and learn on their own outside of class. So, this factor causes the students to be lazy because long walks are tiring. Statistics may say that the rate of dropout in the Philippines is decreasing but in reality, the factor that makes the dropout rate appear lower is the fact that number of enrollees is increasing The Manila Bulletin. There could be many, some of which you couldn 't control. The number of dropouts will decrease as the students reach Grade 3 when they are finally determined to finish elementary GMA News. They can lose focus on college and travel home more often.

American Psychological Association states that instudents who are financially-able were 5 times more likely to stay educated compared to those students who experience financial difficulties.

It is beneficial when colleges allow the students to have flexible schedules and possibility to have an academic leave without any academic penalty. They forget to work on their projects or study for a test and eventually realize their grades are slipping. Students partying, having academic, financial, and personal problems are some of the wide-spread issues causing the low earned degree rate and high dropout rate.

The student will start dropping classes and then college. This scenario is far too wide-spread to neglect it.

causes of dropping out of college essay

They soon realize that they cannot handle the college workload and the job at the same time.

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College Essay Sample: College Dropout