Toefl treating pets like family members

All in all, pets should be treated as our family members. Essay Topic: FamilyPet The issue of treating pets like family members is a debatable one.

pets are family members

I enjoyed embracing it and stroking its fur. Well, if we treat pets somehow less than a family member we are committing the same mistake. This is wrong. Even if we do not believe in this theory, it is hard to ignore the importance of THESE creatures as parts of our world.

Not only does this help us develop more love for the surrounding people but also help us easily have a relaxing life.

Pets should be treated like family members toefl essay

It is a proven fact in the psychology world that pets can make the treatment period of the depressed people shorter. Indeed, good relationships with our pets help us become nicer and more warm-hearted individuals. We treat him like our child. Moreover, the major role of pets in decreasing the risk of mental illnesses has been shown by ample concrete evidence. They unsure many of a human functions and sometimes have extra qualities. Although some people act cruel to their pets because they just regard them as ordinary animals, a great majority of people have close relationships with their pets such as birds, cats and other animals and treat them as members of their family. But after one week, he became a real member of our family, especially because we loved him and we took care of him like a human. In other hand, many people believe that pets should be treated like human beings. This theory , believed by many people all around the world, points out that each animal should be treated as if it WERE a human being.

Both are the creation of God and both need love and affection. Danger is usually a non-count noun, so you can omit the "s" 6. Re: Treat the pets as family members Sun Aug 18, pm Hello and welcome back to the forum! Pets are not that intelligent as humans but they feel that we love them and pay us in the same way by helping our life.

Watch out for stray spaces before periods. Besides, pets are entertaining. Of course pets are still animals and can't be regarded as human, but they are domesticated animals. Looking after the pet, children will learn not to be selfish and to think and take care about the others.

The only difference between a human being and an animal is that the former can speak and the latter cannot. I was 4 years old, and if my memory serves well, I spent my whole childhood thinking that the dog was my little brother. Children learn responsibility by taking care of their pets. Try "the live in the same house as us" 5. A dog will never leave you, will never hurt you and will never let you struggle alone. Pet needs love and affection. Moreover I support the idea that pets shouldn't be regarded as just beast and animals and should be treated like family members, because it lseadts to keep a fair idea of how we should treat the animals. In many countries pets are parts of supplementary treatments of depression. They will feel when you are sad and they will be sad for you and sometimes scratch their skin into your as a sign of solace as if they try to hug you and they would have, had they longer arms. Could you please have a look at what I wrote considering that it's a words essay in only 30 minutes. First, pets are often considered like family members because they are integrated, loved and have a special place in the family in the opposite of wild beasts.
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Toefl: Treat pets like family members or not? 'it is not a good idea'