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Sitoy was among 21 authors on the Man Asian Literary Prize 's long list in He probably expressed his love for his children in a disciplined way, that he would punish them when they committed mistakes.

Forgiveness is letting go of the past, something that is so hard to make especially when memories from the past had already become a permanent stain in Answer: We guarantee the following solutions Get the solution to your question. University of the Philippines Press.

Sitoy is an author, journalist and teacher. The children's hour: stories on childhood.

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He also made use of the children archetype as related to the hope and promise for new beginning. She currently teaches English at Studieskolen in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whatever happens, the father still remains a father to his children. He was never, for his children, a good father that they even wanted him to be at work than to be at home, that most of the year when their father was at sea, they could do as they pleased, but for the month or so that he was home, they had no choice but to obey him.

Sitoy, Lakambini A. Because we are imperfect, sinful people, we inevitably hurt each other. Her father is getting older and weaker that he needs assistance, and since Dora is the nurse in the family, she was expected to be the one to take care of Tio Tinong.

Because we are imperfect, sinful people, we inevitably hurt each other. No full text? She also remembered the time when she was stabbed by her father with a belt which made this memory hard to remove whenever she remembers what her father did to her. On the other hand, "Growing up, Dora had known what it had been to be both blessed and despised. There came a time where in her brothers sent her a letter which says that their father is sick and to give them money for his medications as well and to go home a visit her father and take care of him since she is a nurse. Her father in the other hand was a seaman who supported his family by providing them their basic needs and to give his family a better future. Dora works in a nursing home where in she takes care of people who are old and sick just like her father. Retrieved 26 January

References "Archived copy". She has also received nine prizes in the annual Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards in the Philippines,2, 2[2] as well as a Philippines Free Press Award

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