Trauma case studies for the paramedic

These guideline groups contained The investigation is and will be integrated regarding to detailed question and basic circumstances e. There was no blood. The trauma protocol called for a rapid removal, and the police were nervous because a high powered automatic weapon was used and the perpetrator might still be in the area.

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The care of severely injured patients is an interdisciplinary challenge. As the ambulance began to move on a minute transport to the trauma center, the crew communicated a "trauma alert," critical in the case of an unstable penetrating trauma patient.

Law enforcement worked quickly to secure the area, and asked that EMS approach quickly. The Referral Service have been described in more detail elsewhere [ 15 ].

paramedic case studies

The identification numbers of the operation-protocols will be randomly selected from the quarter prior to the start of the course. The cohorts of participants are paramedics.

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ALS paramedics form the base qualification level, and mobile intensive care ambulance MICA paramedics comprise the upper tier, possessing further interventional skills and a broader suite of pharmacological agents to treat patients [ 27 ].

Cases undergo secondary telephone triage by qualified paramedics or nurses using a computer-based triage algorithm to determine the most appropriate disposition for the case.

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Trauma Case Studies For The Paramedic by Stephen J. Rahm