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Climate change and water are two inseparable realities, since the former has and will have a strong impact on water supply, while this is the main mediator of the effects of climate change on the economy, society and the environment, a relationship intrinsically linked to other sectors, including energy and food production.

Wherefore, scholars of International Relations need to work hard with the aim of developing the discipline, as well as proving its value and importance for a changing and interconnected world. Conflicts, Profits and the Politics of Resources.

The path for cooperation: why global environmental issues "belong" to International Relations The environment is perhaps the most global and multidimensional issue in the international system and International Relations is a scientific field which benefits from a number of sciences and intends to combine knowledge from other disciplines with which the discipline itself develops, so it is the perfect field of study to analyze and build up a better understanding of the contemporary world.

This meets the idea exposed in section 2, since it corroborates that, regarding global issues, international organizations and regimes have not an appropriate structure to manage and resolve such issues, reflecting the need for a reform in international institutions or even the creation of new ones, eminently global-oriented.

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History of water security

Besides, the limited possibility of polluting the environment has the potential to inhibit resource extraction, another source of conflict, which is why the international community has to join forces to cooperate and manage the environment together through a geocentric perspective. This would be extremely important not only to develop a discipline which emerges as fundamental for understanding the present world, but also to promote scientific studies and its conclusions among elites decision makers, stakeholders, etc. These main ideas about environmental interdependence between countries and common security threat have remained key themes of environmental security studies. The international community can start with a global governance regime for the resource sector which level the playing field for populations, governments, and businesses and encourage greater transparency and improved management of natural resource wealth Le Billon Thereby, scholars of International Relations have the potential and the duty to seek and propose new ways of global organization, holistic ones, because, as Hendrix and Noland , 56 argue, membership in international organizations and political globalization have powerful implications for reducing international conflict behavior and increasing respect for human rights, since international institutions can be important shapers and transmitters of international norms. This can lead to food shortages which will then cause political debate, ethnic tension, and civil unrest. We need to find a new way of articulating the local and global environmental insecurities and injustices that affects us all, but unequally so Schnurr and Swatuk Although difficult to define, it seems fair to say that it involves in an objective sense the absence of threats to acquired values, in a subjective sense the absence of fear that such values will be attacked Wolfers cited by Collins , especially those which, if left unchecked, threaten the survival of a particular referent object Williams Schnurr and Larry A.

This resource boom can occasion a geopolitical confrontation between the United States and China Hendrix and Noland In a nutshell, I tried to demonstrate how a new global order is emerging and the ways in which the environment is shaping and might shape the world and social interactions on a global scale, arguing that International Relations, as a discipline, has the potential and the means to study this new global order and to propone to international leaders institutional reforms and cooperation paths.

In the academic sphere environmental security is defined as the relationship between security concerns such as armed conflict and the natural environment.

Thus, one can argue the world will move towards a new global order or disorder based on environmental challenges and on our ability or inability to deal with them. In fact, institutions of resource governance and the environment are rudimentary at best and they largely ignore the issue at the heart of the problem Mildner et al.

Environmental issues, and the ones related to the exploitation of natural resources in particular, are perhaps the most global, both in their essence and scale of action, and consequently the future of humankind largely depends on the ability to create an effective web of multilateral governance.

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