Welcome to jungle writing activities

Banana yellow Ask your little monkeys to collect all the items in the daycare which are yellow like bananas as quickly as possible.

Welcome to the jungle activities

Give each child one puzzle piece and hide the remaining pieces. A child chooses an animal card or figurine and hides it in his hands. Ask one group to name large animals while the other group must name small animals. Encourage children to make funny faces. My imaginary animal Invite children to imagine a new type of animal. Let them blow in the water just like an elephant does with its trunk. Animal tracks Use your animal figurines to make tracks in salt dough. Melt chocolate. Monkey game Monkeys jump from one branch to another. Zebra stripes Encourage children to make original creations with zebra stripes. The lion's roar Record lion roars. Help children stack them to create a long giraffe neck. The monkeys follow the gorilla Children stand single file. Children can take turns swinging the monkey. Follow the zookeeper You are the zookeeper.

Add the page to each child's scrapbook. He can then throw the scarf up in the air and name another animal.

Jungle literacy activities for preschool

Jungle visit Open Activity sheet-Assemble the zoo animals Print and laminate the pictures. Have children make a mask with a brown paper grocery bag. Organize your safari crew with this animal print—inspired board from Pinterest. When they have all of them they can assemble the animals. The gorilla performs various movements and the monkeys imitate him. The child you name must hurry to catch the scarf. Have children fill the animal outlines with crumpled pieces of tissue paper and white glue.

Ask children to match the figurines to the correct tracks. Take a seat, jungle style. Follow the zookeeper You are the zookeeper.

walking through the jungle activity ideas

The gorilla performs various movements and the monkeys imitate him. Serve them at snack time and encourage children to name the animals before eating them.

Let children cut it out and glue pieces of white yarn on it to represent the zebra's stripes. Open models-parrot Print. The giant giraffe Provide yellow and brown blocks.

Play African music.

jungle activities early years

Add trees, animals, mountains, etc.

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Walking through the Jungle