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Researching certification programs is important to find the best fit. Private Schools What mainly determines a public or private school college or university is how they are funded.

The air was warm, classes were dwindling down, and the classrooms I knew so well were cluttered with final papers waiting to be graded.

Community colleges also tend to have many part-time students, allowing students to work and take classes at the same time. Public colleges or universities are largely supported by state and some federal funding, in addition to student tuition.

After high school, this type of education is typically found in a technical program at community colleges or a specific technical school.

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Students who are interested in the military and pursuing a college education will find a structured career path through the ROTC. Additional research about each individual university is necessary to choose the best fit for your student.

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Most nationally accredited schools are for-profit, whereas most regionally accredited schools are nonprofit. They help prepare you for college work, and may even help you finish college faster. If students are looking for education that will more specifically focus on job training, apprenticeship programs are a good option. School counselors can be extremely helpful and provide you and your student with a wealth of information. These programs are great for students who are looking to minimize costs and still pursue a four-year degree. More popular! Finish high school A high school diploma can launch you to a bright future. Apprenticeship programs are often accompanied with classroom study through local community colleges or technical programs. The process can be challenging, but there are many people out there dedicated to helping ease the process. Be aware of these distinctions when researching schools with your student. Just give everything your best effort and it will all work out in the end when your hard work pays off. Sorting Through the Options While there are many options to pursue in continuing education after high school, after doing research, you and your teen will start to get a better idea of what the best fit is for them.

Technical programs offer students hands-on experience related to a specific career. Like four-year programs, students can still get some general education credits at a community college.

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I finished my high school with score or I have graduated from high school ?