Why some students find difficulty in speaking english languages

I try my best to convey my message in English but I am short of words.

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Results suggest that practice develops confidence. The second group of people did not want to see English in their motherland. Twitter 0 A student while speaking English faces some difficulties. This thought is proved with evidence in correlation study where word repetition has a strong relationship with vocabulary mistakes. With regard to incorrect pronunciation, students felt that this kind of obstacle made them afraid to speak and found it difficult to pronounce English words. In general, the most popular language is English, which has attained the status of a global language. They can laugh at them or insult them. They should chose a topic and start brainstorming in English language. English Speaking Difficulty 3 — Pronunciation English words can be difficult to pronounce — and when speaking English, you have to consider not only the pronunciation of the individual words, but also the connection between the words in the sentence. Every problem can be solved, likewise the problem to speak English fluently that senior high school students have. The first cause that makes the students difficult in speaking English is that the environment does not support the students to speak English frequently. Just say whatever the students want to say. That is why most students are not able to speak English. The arrangement of subject, predicate and object in every language is quite different. Article on students difficulties to speak English and How to solve it by kavin Hetrakul

Making grammar mistakes should actually be very low on your list of problems, because even if you make mistakes, you can still communicate effectively.

For this purpose, two fifty students are selected from university.

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So, it is important to help the learners overcome their anxiety, nervousness and fear with encouraging words. From now on, the students have to try hard to overcome their difficulties to speak English fluently. The not-so-good way is to read lists of words and definitions and try to memorize them. In Pakistan though English is used with great emphasis in educational context but still within their institutions students have very limited understanding and exposure of English. This is most commonly true in countries like Pakistan where the learners share a common mother tongue and have very little or no exposure to the second language outside the classroom. In order to highlight the language difficulties they developed a 27 items questionnaire was developed and it was administered to randomly selected students of department of English. Do you like to speak English in class?

Teacher should teach students how to built complex sentences through TGG grammar. Data Analysis As it is stated that two fifty students were selected from University for survey, as a result the diversity of response is there.

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Lack of confidence also becomes cause of hesitation. Cause of this factor is that students have lack of understanding of grammatical pattern. Speak English… And what to do about it.

The greater number of students in SBK Women University believes that the production of their fluent oral speech is dependent upon their knowledge of grammar of the target language; many others believe that it depends upon vocabulary and very few thinks that it is related with the pronunciation.

Objectives: 1: To prove this hypothesis that students are fail to speak English properly. For most of time period during class you don't get chance for improving your speaking skills. V aids should provide in all English teaching classroom.

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Major focus is on the inadequate input of language rules i. Overall it can be concluded that, most student believed that the lack of practice was the main factor causing an obstacle for them to speak English. It is therefore clearly understood that grammar and vocabulary is producing direct impact upon the dependent variables pauses due to hesitation and word repetition. Because, they do not have such an environment in which they make practice. Results showed that overall university students require extra help in improving their English listening, reading and writing skills. Now think about what kind of conversations you might have in an airport. We love to read your comments!

They feel fearful to speak English in front of other people because they lack confidence about their own competence in English.

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