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Denied of love, nutrition and social stimulus, these children are even deprived of a chance to attend school.

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But the Convention on the rights of child is clear enough: any work that is either hazardous or interferes with the education of the child should be prohibited. They avoid the fact that children are the great hope and future of the nation. For example, Article 24 of the Constitution warns that children below the age of 14 should not be employed in any hazardous job or Article 39 E argues that children of tender age ought not to be abused by being made to do work beyond their capacity Article 39 F states that children should be given opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner.

On the other hand, child labour strategies often lack aentry point or link into the formal education system and do piece by piece projects on their own.

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We are not saying "leave those children by the way side, they are too old now and forget about them". The most common reasons are poverty, repression of the rights of the child, inadequate education, limited rules and laws on work of children etc.

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It should be part of the overall aim to bring every child to school. Helping children and their parents to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles of going to shool should also be part of the education system.

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Some of the causes of work of children in the world are similar but differ from country to the other. This is h is not the case. Also programmes should be supported to bring all those children, who are already for example and missed the first grades, into school because, That shows that we really care also about those children. Of course children still do work after school but most of the children go to full time education. These children do not have the chance to lead a healthy life because they are not satisfied physically, mentally and socially from their childhood. What you often see is that the whole focus is on the infrastructure, on the quality of education, in the sense of providing school books, training teachers - which is is all extremely important - but they forget about the population of out-of-school children, which for example in a country like India, but also in other countries, is quite large. No they should be brought to school as well And one important point which I still want to make mention is that the whole bureaucracy of the school system itself pushes out a lot of, especially poor, children. For instance, in the Sivakasi fireworks factory work thousands of children ranging from three and a half years of age to 15 years, which is always on the brink of catastrophe. So, what can be done? The second is: the policy of governments and international donors is too much focused on the worst forms or the abusive forms of child labour instead of all child labour and the relation between education and child labour. These helpless children are made to work for upto 12 hours with wage as low as two rupees to eight rupees. However, donors often have no vision how to deal with the issue of child labour as a part of, as an aspect of educational funding and policies.
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