Writing a feature article about someone having

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Now a year-old doctor and engineer, Dr. Depending on the publication, some magazines require their writers to supply original images or photographs as well. Contact source again to supply missing info.

In addition, you will need at least two other sources.

Writing a feature article about someone having

If you don't, this is plagiarism and you will be disqualified. Don't end your article with a conclusion. Avoid writing about close friends, significant others, family members and anyone who has authority over you e. Use tape recorder to fill in gaps or clarify things. She simply knew she would be a space traveler. He was the victim of an ailment so common that most people would consider it trivial. The reader should not have to guess who is talking.

However, there are many different elements to magazine writing and publishing that the feature writer needs to consider. Let those moments, those key scenes, drive the story forward, and your reader along with it.

When structuring your story, don't feel tied to the "inverted pyramid" style of writing, in which the most important information is placed in the first paragraph and proceeds retrogressively from there.

Also depending on the publication, not all magazines concentrate on trends and current events; those are mostly for weekly or daily magazines. Research Research has three purposes: — It reaffirms and expands your hypothesis, or it reveals that you are on the wrong track and need to start over.

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The writer should try to make his subject as comfortable as possible. Write for a national audience. Getting Into Detail After the third paragraph, any information you add should develop the story further and hold the interest of the reader.

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How to Write a Compelling Profile Feature Article